Terrapin Hackers

Terrapin Hackers is about building interesting things, combining excellence, playfulness, cleverness, and exploration.

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Recent hacktorials:
Designing w/ Grids
How to Build Mind-Blowing Projects
Game Dev
Hackathons are creative/engineering competitions where contestants have 24-36 hours to build something interesting.

Everyone should go to a hackathon; these events are open to people of any skill level or field of study, and are very accommodating for beginners. We get that they can seem intimidating, but you need to take the risk!

Every weekend, members of Terrapin Hackers pack buses to hackathons, and make awesome stuff. We won the first season of Major League Hacking, and placed second in Fall 2014.

Upcoming hackathons for TH:
Township, NJ

04/16 - 04/18
Washington, D.C.

04/22 - 4/24
We want to make sure everyone can become a hacker. This is the first semester for TH’s mentorship program, and we’re super excited.

Check back later to learn about the teams and see what they’re building.

Wanna be a mentor next time? Let us know.

The demo day is going to be at the Startup Shell on 4/14. Check this event for details.
Want to build something? We have the materials.

Arduinos, velostat, shields, you name it, we have it.
Check out this video on how to get to Collider ^
Collider is open 24/7.
Interested in donating some hardware? Contact us!