Upcoming hackathon trips and hacktorials

Upcoming hackathon trips and hacktorials


The primary focus of Terrapin Hackers has always been to introduce the "hacker" culture of Sillicon Valley to College Park. We want people to build interesting things, combining excellence, playfulness, cleverness, and exploration.

To become a hacker, you don't need to be in any particular major, have any experience, or have any particular skills. Through weekly hacktorials, hackathon trips, social events on campus, and Collider, Terrapin Hackers provides an opportunity to get exposure to this culture and build the things that you want to make.


Hackathons are creative/engineering competitions where contestants have 24-36 hours to build something interesting. Everyone should go to a hackathon; these events are open to people of any skill level or field of study, and are very accommodating for beginners.

Every weekend, members of Terrapin Hackers pack buses to hackathons, and make awesome stuff. Last fall, we won the first season of Major League Hacking. Check out our upcoming trips!


Hacktorials are student led workshops that provide some instruction or insight on something that the presenter has a good amount of experience with.

The difficulty and skill-level for each Hacktorial varies, but most Hacktorials are designed with beginners in mind.

If you're interested in doing a Hacktorial, drop us a line; otherwise, check out our upcoming hacktorials!


Collider is a space in the Chemistry building that Terrapin Hackers has access to and uses to showcase hardware.

Anyone's welcome to come by Collider when it's open to work on their projects, or just to check it out! In the near future, you'll be able to check if Collider is open on this website.

We're located in CHM B0214.