Terrapin Hackers

Terrapin Hackers is about building interesting things -- combining excellence, playfulness, cleverness, and exploration.

Weekly Hacktorials
Hacktorials are workshops that provide instruction and insights into various engaging and career-building topics including programming, engineering, and design.
Hackathon Trips
Hackathons are 24-36 hour competitions where people come together to develop and work on projects that solve a particular problem, and potentially win prizes from corporate sponsors. Buses are provided to Hackathons across the East Coast and the Midwest.
Collider (Makerspace)
Collider is our makerspace, located in the basement of the chemistry building. Collider has materials, resources, and tools to assist you in building your projects.
Organizing Team
Want to help run Terrapin Hackers? Join the organizing team! Email us at team@terrapinhackers.com

We are having an interest meeting at the beginning of the Fall Semester! Like our Facebook Page to find out when it is!
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Hacktorials are workshops that allow students to explore a range of technological concepts including programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, engineering, and graphic design. They are often student-led; however, guest speakers outside of Terrapin Hackers run hacktorials as well.

The difficulty and skill-level for each Hacktorial varies, but most Hacktorials are designed with beginners in mind.

If you're interested in doing a Hacktorial, drop us a line.


Hackathon Bus? Link
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Hackathons are creative/engineering competitions where contestants have 24-36 hours to build something interesting.

These events are open to people of any skill level or field of study, and are very accommodating to beginners.

Most every weekend, members of Terrapin Hackers pack buses to hackathons, and make awesome projects. We won the first season of Major League Hacking, and placed second in the second season.


Want to build something? Collider is TH's student-run hackerspace, located in the Chemistry Building.

We have the materials you need to build your projects. From Arduinos to Velostat to Kinect Sensors to Drones, you can find materials and resources in the space.

Collider is open 24/7 and is located at CHEM B0215.

For more information, and instructions on how to get there, visit our website at:



Michael Wittner
Josiah Wedgwood
Vice President
Eric Frye
Director of Collider
Shon Kaganovich
Aditya Nilacantan
Transportation Team
Sai Arvind
Transportation Team
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